Rethinking Resistance

Unlock change by helping adults to shift what they do.

Are you searching for effective strategies to ignite change in others? Do you want to find an approach that can help ‘move the middle’ and get more people on the path to positive practice change?

In this practical session, we will explore what behavioural science research suggests is the best way to respond to the passive and active resistance that emerges during an improvement journey. Rethinking Resistance provides a clear framework to enable leaders to support deep and sustained changes in the professional practices that matter most. You will learn what to do when change is hard, your people are sceptical, and motivation is low.

In this engaging presentation, you will:

    • Examine the challenge of adult behavioural change
    • Build confidence in harnessing behavioural science approaches to help shift practice
    • Uncover simple strategies to overcome obstacles and build momentum
    • Apply practical tools for immediate progress
All of Simon’s speaking topics are available as in-person or digital sessions, and can be tailored to fit your desired length.

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