The Pruning Principle

How strategic subtraction can unlock surprising progress.

Educators, leaders, schools and systems are overloaded and exhausted. We seem collectively stuck in a relentless ‘additive cycle’ of expanding the number of commitments, programs and initiatives. In this session, Simon will outline the case for strategic subtraction. What if the answer to inducing positive change in our teams, organisations, and systems lies in doing less?

In this provocative presentation, you will:

    • Unravel the misguided tendency to keep adding more
    • Surface the power of subtracting, streamlining and simplifying
    • Explore how to apply The Pruning Principle across roles and contexts
    • Consider why pruning will require courage and creativity
    • Apply simple strategies and practical tools
All of Simon’s speaking topics are available as in-person or digital sessions, and can be tailored to fit your desired length.

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