ElevatED Conversations

Six simple plays for enabling disciplined professional dialogue about teaching, learning and improvement.

Schools across the globe have carved out blocks of time for teachers to meet, think and improve. Yet, the challenge of switching from ‘teaching mode’ to ‘professional collaboration’ mode means that it is often difficult to facilitate disciplined, focused and productive conversations.

ElevatED Conversations is designed to enable middle and teacher leaders to enhance the impact of professional meetings and intentional collaboration time. The protocols provide a structured process and template to support educator teams to enrich essential conversations that can improve thinking, practice and outcomes.

During this session, participants will be provided with an opportunity to understand, adapt and apply six key protocols. Participants will leave with the confidence to elevate the quality of any meeting or professional learning session they engage in.

This compelling and practical presentation will explore how to:

  • Examine the common challenges middle/teacher leaders face in leading disciplined, collaborative dialogue
  • Understand how structured protocols can enhance professional connection, thinking and practice
  • Build capabilities in facilitating protocols to lift the quality of conversations in your educational context
All of Simon’s speaking topics are available as in-person or digital sessions, and can be tailored to fit your desired length.

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