Teaching Sprints

How overloaded educators can keep getting better.

Do you want to accelerate the shift towards evidence-informed teaching in every classroom? Are you looking for ways to support teachers to continually improve their pedagogical practices?

All educators are looking for better ways of developing evidence-informed teaching strategies that can support effective student learning. Yet, the busyness and overload of school life can often stand in the way of deliberately enhancing expertise. The Teaching Sprints approach is used by hundreds of schools and thousands of educators to make the most of their collaborative professional learning time. It is a simple and effective way of engaging with research-based strategies and creating incremental and sustainable changes to classroom practice.

During this evidence-informed and highly practical session, participants will have an opportunity to:

    • Reflect on the complexity of teaching and the need for enhancing adaptive expertise
    • Unpack the 3 key ideas about enhancing practice in a sustainable way
    • Examine the practical challenge of shifting ingrained habits of practice
    • Examine the need to develop pedagogical ‘know-how’ not just ‘know-what’
    • Explore the explosion of robust and relevant research evidence that can inform our practice improvement efforts
    • Walk through the 3-phases of the Teaching Sprints process that educator teams can use
    • Engage with practical ideas about how to implement this approach within the collaboration time that you already have available