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The Pruning Principle

What if the answer to inducing positive change in our teams, organisations, and systems lies in doing less?

Learn how strategic subtraction can unlock surprising progress.

Rethinking Resistance

Do you want to find an approach that can help ‘move the middle’ and get more people on the path to positive practice change?

Learn how to unlock change by helping adults to shift what they do.

Team Health

Lifting the engagement and effectiveness of our teams requires a deliberate sustainable approach to enhancing team health and cohesion.

Learn how nurturing positive group dynamics can enhance collective impact.

Agile Leadership

Learn how to lead educational improvement in complex-relational environments.

Discover a clear method and practical tools for leading continuous improvement in dynamic educational settings.

Teaching Sprints

Do you want to accelerate the shift towards evidence-informed teaching in every classroom?

Learn simple and effective ways of engaging research-based strategies and creating incremental changes to classroom practice.

Delivery Modes

Conference speaking sessions are ideal for events with larger audiences and include Keynote presentations and conference closing sessions.

These captivating sessions are typically 60-90 minutes long, and Simon will tailor the content to suit the main theme of the conference and agenda.  These sessions are thought-provoking and energising.

Audience size: No maximum.

Seating Arrangements: Any

Workshops encompass the material covered in speaking engagements and include instructional activities and frameworks for hands-on learning. These sessions include breakouts as part of a larger conference agenda, or up to 3 workshop sessions could be combined for a full day of learning.  They also work particularly well following Keynote sessions on the same topic, to dive deeper into the learning.

Workshops are typically 60-90 minutes long, and focus on practical tools and implementation techniques with the aim for participants to do the work in the room.

Audience size: No maximum. Smaller engagements of 100 or less will benefit from table discussions.

Seating arrangements: Participants should be seated around tables so they have space to work.

Digital sessions can be either live-streamed online presentations or pre-recorded sessions.  These sessions have the ultimate flexibility and are ideal when audiences join remotely from different locations. 

Digital sessions can be delivered in a keynote-style format with highly professional visuals and audio, or as a digital workshop in a video meeting setting, with interactive elements including working breakout sessions, the ability for participants to show cameras and audio, polls and tools.

These easy-to-attend sessions are typically 1 to 2 hours long. 

Audience size: Digital workshops <100.  Digital keynotes no maximum.

“Simon’s presentation was precise and thought-provoking. His clarion communication skills are exemplary. He met and exceeded our expectations in every aspect. We feel fortunate to have the benefit of his expertise.”
Judge D. Arnot – Chief Commissioner, Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission

Judge D. Arnot

“Thank you Simon. Fabulous conference, everyone was commenting afterwards stating how your presentation was specific and relevant to all local contexts and how engaging you were. Thank you and looking forward to working with you within our network in the future.”
Elizabeth Papayiannis – Deputy Principal Curriculum & Instruction, Sydney Children’s Hospital School

Elizabeth Papayiannis

“Working with Simon is the safest way to make sure a high profile, ambitious event for school leaders breaks new ground and leaves people wanting more. Nobody can engage, challenge, provoke, and entertain a room full of school leaders like Simon Breakspear.”
Sean Tierney – Director, Education, Teaching & Learning Strategy Asia, Microsoft

Sean Tierney

“Simon’s energy, erudite thinking and ability to connect with educational leaders was enormously well received and appreciated by the conference delegates.”
Penny Brown – Facilitator, Association of Independent Schools NSW

Penny Brown

“Simon’s sessions received unanimous praise for their practical and relatable content. Simon’s session hit precisely on addressing how overloaded educators can keep getting better. Many staff have since commented that this School Development Day was the most worthwhile professional learning they’ve attended. As principal and event organiser, I wholeheartedly endorse Simon’s inclusion in your own professional learning days/conferences.”
Josh Gane – Principal, Cardiff High School

Josh Gane

“Simon makes it real to the leaders within our schools and provides ways of thinking that are responsive to the challenges faced in our complex schools.”
Anthony Angel – Principal, Glendale Technology High School

Anthony Angel

“Simon’s ability to engage teachers from Kindergarten to Year 12 and his knowledge around the latest research based practices was widely respected and allowed all teaching and non-teaching staff to walk away with new learning.”
David Lewis – Principal, Gulgong Public School

David Lewis

Thank you so much for spending the afternoon with us! It was so energising and the feedback I’ve had has been nothing short of amazing!  The team felt it was incredibly inspiring and useful. The connection with our deep learning work was excellent and so meaningful.
Victoria Rennie – Deputy Headmistress & Head of Senior School, Abbotsleigh

Victoria Rennie

A big thank you also for your friendly and familiar manner which is so appreciated by my colleagues as well as matches our PPC philosophy and culture. Our conference committee has received nothing but outstanding feedback from our PPC members.
Adam Wynn – Principal, Cambridge Gardens Public School

Adam Wynn

“QELi is privileged to work with and alongside Simon. His high impact programs are tailored to leaders at all levels, from teachers through to Principals and System Leaders, and rate significantly high in our impact evaluation process. Simon connects well with all audiences and is a pleasure to work with.”
Neil McDonald – CEO, Queensland Education Leadership Institute

Neil McDonald

“Simon provided not only the framework for an optimistic approach to our school year, but he also facilitated a collaborative environment where our principals felt safe to acknowledge the challenges whilst focussing on the opportunities ahead. The feedback collected from our members demonstrated that Simon had successfully shifted perspectives and built confidence in the work we were all embarking on in the new school year.”
Steven Trotter – Acting Principal, Inverleigh Primary School

Steven Trotter

“Simon played a critical role in designing, facilitating and evaluating the 2016 NSW Education Symposium described by many participants as the most significant education conference in NSW for a decade. His understanding of students, teachers and school and his relentless focus on impact make him a highly sought-after identity in education, not just in NSW but across Australia.”
Hon Adrian Piccoli – Former NSW Minister for Education

Hon Adrian Piccoli

“(Simon’s)…professionalism, preparation and insight are admirable and he made a deep impression on participants. His role as a moderator in the panel was simply fantastic, facilitating a meaningful discussion for heads of school.”
Luz Maria Gutierrez Vittini – Academic Consultant, International Baccalaureate Organisation

Luz Maria Gutierrez Vittini

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