As a speaker, Simon works to make complicated research-based ideas actionable and easy to understand.

He has delivered presentations to over 100,000 people across the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, England, Qatar, Finland, India, Hong Kong, Spain, the Czech Republic and Israel.

His clients have included the NSW and Victorian Departments of Education, the International Baccalaureate, Apple, Microsoft, The English Schools’ Foundation of Hong Kong, The Alberta Teachers’ Association, Ontario Principal Council, Corwin Press, Learning Forward, EduTech, Future Schools and many more.

Simon aims to provoke fresh thinking and be a catalyst for meaningful progress. He weaves together research, story and experiences from the field to enable leaders to understand the why, what and how of realising positive change in their unique contexts. He has been sharing his insights for over a decade, and understands how to craft the right message for an audience of thousands, or a more intimate dialogue for a retreat. Below we have outlined some of his key speaking themes connected to his areas of expertise. Please see these as more of a starting point for a conversation about how we can tailor a message that is specific to your context and the aims of your learning event.

We look forward to partnering alongside you to create a truly catalytic learning experience.

Speaking themes

You would like to: Learn the reasons behind push-back and what you can do to get your team working well together on shared goals.

The psychology of helping adults change what they do

How can we activate other people for change? Do you find that improvement efforts often get stalled by cynics and skeptics? Do you find it hard to ‘move the middle’ and get more people on the path to professional practice change? In this practical masterclass we will explore what psychological research suggests is the best way to respond to the resistance that emerges during an improvement journey. Anchored in implementation and behavioural science research, Rethinking Resistance provides a clear framework to enable leaders to support deep and sustained changes in the professional practices that matter most to their improvement work. You will learn what to do when you are seeking to lead improvement when change is hard and motivation is low.

You would like to: Give your attendees the tools to create and support a high-achieving leadership team.

How forward-thinking groups can create collective impact together.

Sustained and meaningful educational improvement is a team endeavor. A school, or indeed an education system, can be best understood as a team of teams. Lifting the engagement and sustainable performance of our teams requires a longer-term approach that intentionally enhances team health and sustainably improves team dynamics.

You would like to: Get out of the daily grind and learn processes and frameworks which can propel you to make real progress on your school improvement plan.

New ways of working to enable continuous school improvement.

Changing times call for educators who can solve problems and create progress despite the complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty that they face. Yet, traditional approaches to leading school improvement are too rigid and linear to support leaders to engage in this human and complex work of change. Agile Leadership provides a dynamic approach for leading continuous school improvement that enables leaders at all levels to sharpen their focus, build momentum and lead a collective and sustainable learning journey.

You would like to: Accelerate the shift towards evidence-informed teaching in every classroom.

How overloaded educators can keep getting better.

All educators are looking for better ways of developing evidence-informed teaching strategies that can support effective student learning. Yet, the busyness and overload of school life can often stand in the way of deliberately enhancing expertise. The Teaching Sprints approach is used by hundreds of schools and thousands of educators to make the most of their collaborative professional learning time. It is a simple and effective way of engaging with research-based strategies and creating incremental and sustainable changes to classroom practice.

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Dave Derksen

In Saskatoon Public Schools, our work with Simon has had significant influence on the culture of our school division. He has challenged us to examine our processes for professional learning and provided us with tools that have helped teachers to increase impact on student learning. We are grateful to Simon for his insightful provocation and guidance.

Dave Derksen
Superintendent of Education, Saskatoon Public Schools
Penny Brown

Simon’s energy, erudite thinking and ability to connect with educational leaders was enormously well received and appreciated by the conference delegates.

Penny Brown
Facilitator, AIS NSW
Elizabeth Burton

We are now clear, more focused and targeted on our improvement.

Elizabeth Burton
Director, Salisbury Downs Preschool
Steven Trotter

Simon provided not only the framework for an optimistic approach to our school year, but he also facilitated a collaborative environment where our principals felt safe to acknowledge the challenges whilst focussing on the opportunities ahead. The feedback collected from our members demonstrated that Simon had successfully shifted perspectives and built confidence in the work we were all embarking on in the new school year.

Steven Trotter
Acting Principal, Inverleigh Primary School
Luz Maria Gutierrez Vittini

(Simon’s)…professionalism, preparation and insight are admirable and he made a deep impression on participants. His role as a moderator in the panel was simply fantastic, facilitating a meaningful discussion for heads of school.

Luz Maria Gutierrez Vittini
Academic Consultant, International Baccalaureate Organisation