Responsive Teams

How leaders can accomplish new levels of impact together.

Leadership is most effectively exercised through the work of teams. The leadership of learning is a shared responsibility of a team of leaders, of which the principal serves as the ‘lead learner’.

While the development of individual leadership capabilities can be powerful, it is the development of collective capabilities, routines and processes that can dramatically accelerate improvement and innovation within a school and across a system.

This presentation focuses on the development of teams of leaders within a school who collectively bring their collaborative expertise to bare on the improvement challenges faced.

Key takeaways:

  • Examine the key elements of high-performing leadership teams
  • Examine how to develop team psychological safety to support the interpersonal risk taking necessary to innovate and learn together
  • Developing a responsive team through new routines, values and tools
  • Conducting team health checks and systematically improving the quality of teamwork