Giving & Receiving Feedback

What are the benefits of feedback?

Interview 1

What to do when feedback is taken as criticism?

Interview 2

How should you approach receiving feedback?

Interview Part 3

How can you give targeted feedback when in a group situation?

Interview Part4

How can I manage 1-on-1 feedback meetings?

Interview Part 5

How can I provide useful feedback about teaching practice?

Interview Part 6

Strategic Thinking

What is strategic thinking and the benifits?

Interview Part 7

What are the challenges of strategic thinking?

Interview Part 8

How can I lead inquiry successfully?

Interview Part 9

Key Messages

Google On Air Conference

Embracing Agile – Create impact despite complexity.

Building Back Better

Strategies for recovery


High quality professional learning


Navigating Complexity through and Beyond COVID 19

Leading Educational Renewal

Created for Microsoft Education Exchange 2022

Panel Sessions

2019 VIC Education State School Leadership Conference

An interview with John Hattie

AITSL Halt Summit 2018

A panel discussion on how can HALTs impact student learning across and beyond their school?

2017 WISE Summit Panel Session

Developing high-impact leaders

Tools by Simon

Clarify Canvas

Impact. Problem. Change. Evidence.

Teaching Sprints Process

The Teaching Sprints Process consists of three phases: Prepare, Sprint and Review.