An Introduction to Teaching Sprints

πŸ•‘ 60 Min

Join Simon as he lays out the foundational steps of the Teaching Sprints method.

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Google On Air Conference

Embracing Agile – Create impact despite complexity.

Leading Educational Renewal

Created for Microsoft Education Exchange 2022


High quality professional learning


Navigating Complexity through and Beyond COVID 19

Learning & Teaching Conference

Teaching Sprints

  • Videos 1-6 Giving and Receiving FeedbackVideos 7-9 Strategic Thinking
  • Part 1 - What are the benefits of feedback?
  • Part 2 - What to do when feedback is taken as criticism?
  • Part 3 - How should you approach receiving feedback?
  • Part 4 - Give targeted feedback when in a group situation
  • Part 5 - How can I manage 1-on-1 feedback meetings?
  • Part 6 - Provide useful feedback about teaching practice
  • Part 7- How can I lead inquiry successfully?
  • Part 8 - What are the challenges of strategic thinking?
  • Part 9 - What is strategic thinking and the benefits?

Panel Sessions

2019 VIC Education State School Leadership Conference

An interview with John Hattie

AITSL Halt Summit 2018

A panel discussion on how can HALTs impact student learning across and beyond their school?

2017 WISE Summit Panel Session

Developing high-impact leaders

Interviews On Podcasts

Changing Conversations
Sustainable Improvement

Simon shares his vision for supporting improvement in schools, taking a longer term view for meaningful change. A conversation which will inspire school and system leaders to think differently about their approach to implementing change.

Implementation Cadence

A new season gets underway with a reconnection with Dr Simon Breakspear. Simon shares thoughts on a model of implementation and the importance of cadence and rhythm. This episode ends with 3 questions for you – please share your responses.

High Tech High Unboxed
“If it doesn’t work for teachers, it doesn’t work”

Dr. Simon Breakspear on how schools can help teachers master their craft just by coming to work every day

Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership
06 – Simon Breakspear says agile schools are self-improving schools

Change is complex, because people are complex. How can educational leaders adapt and respond through the change journey to achieve their intended impact? Simon Breakspear says it’s all about being agile.

The Art of Teaching
Teaching Sprints How Overloaded Educators Can Keep Getting Better (#15)

In this episode, I am going to be having a conversation with with Simon Breakspear and Bronwyn Ryrie Jones, the authors of the book Teaching Sprints How Overloaded Educators Can Keep Getting Better.