Post-Crisis Renewal

Collectively shaping the educational future.

COVID-19 has caused us to rethink learning, teaching and leadership. We’ve had a collective opportunity to re-examine many things that were on auto-pilot in our schools. Yet, in our exhaustion there is a natural tendency to revert towards our defaults and re-install what we used to call ‘normal.’ We must make the most of this rare opportunity to intentionally seek renewal for our teams and organisational cultures. Collectively, we need to carve out space and time to make sense of what we have been through, synthesise the lessons learned, and move forward together.

In this insightful session participants will be provided with concepts, space and time to:

    • Explore the opportunities for post-crisis growth and renewal
    • Identify how the pressures of COVID-19 may have helped us to rethink old assumptions
    • Consider the power of defaults and the natural tendency to snap-back to old habits
    • Set up a simple process of organisational learning, reflection and sense-making
    • Engage in longer-term thinking about where we want to go as a learning community
    • Take practical steps to fortify collaborative cultures and develop organisational agility