Agile Teamwork

Why effective educational change is mostly about the people stuff.

Good strategy without effective implementation is useless. Yet, almost all the tricky bits about effective change at scale is about the people stuff. If leaders, at all levels, are going to be effective in leading change they need to heed the human factors, and know how to respond.

With this session we harness insights from behaviour science to consider how to enable effective implementation across differing levels of motivation and capability, and across diverse educational contexts.

Key takeaways:

  • Examine the underlying causes of resistance which slow down and derail change
  • Understand why ‘what works’ doesn’t always work across diverse settings and learning to seek out and study this variability
  • Amplifying change beyond the initial pockets of innovation
  • Gathering and responding to rich feedback at all stages of the work.
  • Simplifying the required change and enabling incremental progress
  • Setting up the environment and providing tools to enable and sustain change behaviours
  • Ensuring active role modeling of the change at all levels of leadership
  • Creating meaning, purpose and commitment