Evolving support and development over time

A long-term partnership created with the purpose of upskilling leaders so that they themselves can lead new team members


When: 2018 – present 

Timeframe: 4 years +

Location: Mount Gambier, SA, Australia & Digital Delivery

The Overview: What we did

We are fortunate to have an ongoing partnership with the excellent team at the Mount Gambier Department of Education.  Over the years, we have worked closely with their site leadership teams throughout the region on a variety of different programs and content, all designed to increase the effectiveness and ability of their site leadership teams, or to directly support their teaching staff.

We have co-designed programs around Agile School Leadership and Teaching Sprints content, and are now focused on embedding these processes across the region.

The Results

We have worked with hundreds of site leaders and teams across Mount Gambier, on multiple programs. Below is a sampling from one of our 2020 programs for site leadership teams.

(Survey data, March 2020, 55 Responses)
  • To what extent was the workshop content relevant to your site improvement work? 98% 98%
  • To what extent has your team developed new approaches to working together?  72% 72%
  • The workshop provided opportunity to apply learning with my team 96% 96%
  • The processes and tools supported us to identify practical implementation steps with measurable progress milestones 100% 100%
Comments from Participants

“This work always adds value and improves my strategic thinking and leadership skills.”

“This program provides educators and leaders with the opportunity to really think deeply about their site, and to focus on what will have an impact on the children they teach. Focusing on educator and leader development with tools to help the thinking process making it clearer for all involved.”

“My own personal growth has been huge… Through the setting up of routines and the use of the tools, I have been able to have conversations based on data, collect Process and Impact Evidence and at the same begin to determine what is what and then implement Teaching Sprints with my staff. Thank you Simon for assisting me to become far more deliberate and effective in my Site Leadership.”

“Great for leadership teams, big or small.”

“I have found the work very beneficial and it has really helped to clarify our thinking and develop plans for future improvement.”

“This program has strengthened leadership skills to analyse problems of practice and planning for improvement, providing tools, processes and routines.”