Agile Leadership

Embracing Agile
Create impact despite complexity.

What is an Agile Leader’s mindset?
Simon explains what sets Agile Leaders apart.

Grow successful change
The key elements of successful change leadership.

The Challenge of Change
The factors behind educational change.

Embracing an Agile Mindset
Benefits and processes of an agile mindset.

The Agile Change Process
3 phases of the agile change process framework.

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Impact Thinking

An Introduction to Impact Thinking

Four Keys for Maximising Impact

Leading educational improvement amidst human complexity
2019 VIC Education State School Leadership Conference

Practice Improvement

An Overview of the Teaching Sprints Process

Interview with John Hattie
2019 VIC Education State School Leadership Conference.

The Importance of High Quality Professional Learning

AITSL Halt Summit 2018: Panel Discussion
How can HALTs impact student learning across and beyond their school?

Disciplined Dialogue
How to successfully lead disciplined dialogue with a group of teachers.

Leadership Development

2017 WISE Summit Panel Session
Developing high-impact leaders

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