Supporting teacher learning using evidence-informed teaching strategies

An ongoing joint commitment to support school teams to enhance their expertise and support effective learning


Number of participants: 328 +

When: 2018 – 2021 

Timeframe: 3 years 

Location: Winnipeg, Canada & Digital Delivery

The Overview: What we did

We worked with school leadership teams across Manitoba, in-person and via digital live stream workshops, to teach them how to use our Teaching Sprints method to support their teacher teams.

Leadership teams then worked to embed these processes throughout their schools to improve student outcomes.

Comments from Participants

“I found the new learning on teaching sprints to be very well presented. The chance to talk and reflect with colleagues throughout both days was greatly appreciated. I am excited to put some of this new learning into practice!”

“Good information in a simple, easy to remember format.”

“Best Professional Learning experience I have had in quite some time. Relevant, well-paced, genuine and allowed for time to actually digest the material and discuss with colleagues.”

“Well explained. Numerous examples given.”

“The team that attended the professional learning returned to school and immediately began refining and implementing the plan they began on the second day! In addition, they were engaged in rich conversation with the other teacher on their team – I believe the word “inspired” was used.”

“Provided learning that was actionable and embraced by school teams.”