Embedding new practices across an entire system

Working with school leadership teams in-depth over multiple years, to create a system-wide culture of ongoing improvement


Number of participants: 900 +

Schools involved: 200 +

When: 2019 – present 

Timeframe: 3 years 

Location: Melbourne, VIC Australia & Digital Delivery

The Overview: What we did

We worked closely with the team at Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools to deliver programs to each of their regional networks.  It was important that as new staff joined, they had the opportunity to catch up and join the training.

Using tools and frameworks from our Agile School Leadership course curriculum, we have worked to support over 200 school leadership teams in achieving a more positive impact using simple strategies that are easy to implement.

The Results

Having run over 9 programs across 3 different regions, we’ve had the opportunity to review a lot of feedback. Below is a sampling from one of our 2022 foundational programs for new leaders.

(Survey data, April 2022, 41 Responses)


100% of participants rated the overall quality of the program facilitation as ‘very good or good’


97.6 % of participants would recommend this program to other leaders


100% of participants agree that the program provided them with useful frameworks and practical tools to support their work


98% of participants agree that the program supported them to build shared ways of engaging in strategic improvement thinking and planning

Comments from Participants

“This program has given us a much better way of working in shorter bursts of time, but with a better focus on achieving a specific goal.”

“This has provided clear, concise, and useful strategies and resources. Really user- friendly and practical. Stuff we are actually using and will continue to use.”

“This program has been a very positive experience for me as it has helped me refine which things to prioritise and which will have the most impact for school improvement.”

“It has given me a new way to think about solving complex issues that need resolving.”

“I now have a strong sense of clarity and ability to effectively plan for whole school improvement.”

“This program definitely forced us to peel back the many layers and ‘do less’ to achieve more it feels! Very excited and can see these tools being of great use in the future!”