Learning Science

Download some key slides from Simon

Summaries of what the research says about how students learn

The Learning Sciences: Two Perspectives

The Science of Early Learning– How young children develop agency, numeracy and literacy

The Science of Learning (Deans for Impact)

Six Strategies for Effective Learning: Materials for Teachers and Students(The Learning Scientists)

Metacognition and Self Regulated Learning Guidance Report(Education Endowment Foundation)

Cognitive Load Theory(NSW Centre for Educational Statistics and Evaluation)

Using Load Reduction Instruction (LRI) to boost motivation and engagement

Simplifying Cognitive Load

Retrieval Practice Guide(RetrievalPractice.org)

Strengthening the Student Toolbox: Study Strategies to boost learning (American Federation of Teachers)

Suggested Reading

How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School. Expanded Edition.

By: Bransford, John D., Ed.; Brown, Ann L., Ed.; Cocking, Rodney R., Ed.

(National Research Council, 2000)

Free Download

Making it Stick: The science of successful learning

By: Peter C. Brown

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Understanding how we learn: A visual guide

By: Yana Weinstein , Megan Sumeracki and with Oliver Caviglioli

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What if everything you knew about education was wrong?

By: David Didau

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