Helping teams to create impact despite difficult times

Making it easier while at the same time achieving more through periods of school shutdowns and remote learning


Number of participants: 587

Schools involved: 257

When: 2021 – 2022 

Timeframe: 2 years (3 cohorts) 

Location: Digital Delivery

The Overview: What we did

We’re excited to be partnering with Education Scotland to bring the Agile School Leadership program to school teams across the region.

We supported a growing number of leadership teams in improving their practice while at the same time navigating disruptive times throughout the 2021-2022 period.  We were overjoyed at the success of three separate cohorts, and are looking forward to partnering again in the future.

The Results

We had extremely positive feedback after running our 12-week online Agile School Leadership program.  Leaders said that they were thankful to have the time to learn processes that they could implement right away to see results in their improvement work.

(Survey data, March 2022, 40 Responses)


97% said the program was very good & good


100% said the workshops provided them with useful frameworks and practical tools to support their work


100% of participants believe that the concepts and tools they have learned can continue to support their leadership practice in the future


97% would recommend this program to other leaders

Scottish Headteachers and their Leadership teams have embraced the opportunity to think strategically about school improvement planning using Dr Simon Breakspear’s Agile School Leadership methodology and tools. Working through the process they have focused on clarifying their priorities, implementing the identified improvements and evaluating progress made in a dynamic and sustainable way. The opportunity to discuss and explore the big ideas related to the methodology and strategic leadership has been welcomed.

Chris French

Professional Learning and Leadership Team Lead Specialist, Education Scotland

[2024 Update] We continue to see the extended impact of your contribution to the leadership learning landscape in Scotland, and your ideas and tools are increasingly referenced by our school leaders.

Chris French

Professional Learning and Leadership Team Lead Specialist, Education Scotland

Comments from Participants

“This program has sharpened and clarified thinking around strategic thinking and school improvement processes. Has provided strategies to support the whole school improvement process – which can be used at all levels within a school establishment-and made impactful and lasting change appear far more manageable and attainable.”

Lorna Changleng

Kelso High School

“It has given me a structure for school improvement which is helpful as I am new to a leadership role. I am more confident with being a leader within my school.”

“Helped me and my team to really hone in on what matters to us and start to plan for our school improvement priorities next year. Excited to share with wider staff body!”

One of the best approaches to improvement planning and securing I have ever come across. It has helped me to streamline my thinking and will help me to help many others in our school community to become much more improvement aware and better at checking progress along the improvement journey. Wonderful sessions, presented with such clarity, enthusiasm, sense of being realistic but at the same time aspirational and delivered with humour.”

Liz White

Calderglen High School

“Well structured programme that almost mirrored the messages contained within. Hugely engaging and thought provoking and I will use all the points.”

“This has given us a clear and strategic way forward to plan for improvement and also monitor impact. The idea of keeping things focused and small has really given this and us as a team clarity.”

Thank you for this program – I really enjoyed the time to focus on some of the ‘how’ of leadership with colleagues. Using the practical tools with realistic timescales will be really helpful in taking forward our development priorities.

“Everything we have covered with you just makes so much sense and I will definitely be using all of the tools at some point over the coming years with my staff team. By working with the tools provided, it will help me (and the team ) to figure out what works best for us in moving forward. It has provided a framework that is user friendly at all levels and will support our strategic development as we become more able to return to a more normal way of school in the coming months and years! Fabulous Professional Learning.”