Building a foundation of effective leadership practices

Introducing school leadership teams to new ways of working together, in order to create a positive and sustained impact across their schools


Number of participants: 553

Schools involved: 145

When: 2021 – 2022 

Timeframe: 2 years (3 cohorts) 

Location: Digital Delivery

The Overview: What we did

We worked closely with the team at EAS to run a series of Agile School Leadership online programs.

Using tools and frameworks from our curriculum and workshop content curated for educators in Wales, we have worked to support over 145 school leadership teams in achieving a more positive impact using simple strategies that are easy to implement.

We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership.

The Results

We were thrilled to read overwhelming feedback from educators and leaders as they concluded their programs.  Below is a small snapshot of some of the responses.

(Survey data, April 2022, 43 Responses)


100% said the program was very good or good


100% said the workshops provided them with useful frameworks and practical tools to support their work


100% of participants believe that the concepts and tools they have learned can continue to support their leadership practice in the future


Over 97% would recommend this program to other leaders

Comments from Participants

“Our leadership team have been using the tools for self evaluation and school improvement.  It has been so beneficial.”

Karen Davies

Blackwood Primary School

“It has been good to collaborate as an SLT. The way it has been spaced out has allowed us to work on these frameworks in between session. It has given us a clear focus for moving forward.”

Senior Leadership Team

Cross Ash Primary School

“The program has been really effective in supporting my ideas and beliefs as a leader in maintaining a learner focussed approach to school improvement. Pursuing less is definitely the way to do this! Nice to hear these messages being supported by our system here.”

Tavis Prewett

Mount Pleasant

“Absolutely fabulous program.  Great time to reflect the way we are doing school improvement.  Good to work with my SLT and to think how we can work smarter not harder!”

Helen King

Llantilio Pertholey VC Primary School

“To coin a phrase – clarity.  Being realistic about what can be achieved within a sensible timescale and deciding before starting which actions will have the most impact. Really helpful to reflect on lean monitoring and stripping away the less helpful aspects of what we currently do. Focusing on the small number of things!”

Hayley Davies-Edwards


“As a new member to the SLT it has given me the ability to focus on achievable targets and not get lost in all of the action planning!”

Jonathan Moran

Hengoed Primary