Building Back Better Leading organisational renewal post COVID-19

Insights on how schools can respond, and what education might look like on the other side.  

Amid all of the tension and unknowns, leaders need to explore the opportunities for innovation and transformation that are emerging from the Covid-19 crisis. We will need to consider together how we can learn from the new experiments that have been run, design models of schooling, and accelerate towards brighter learning futures. After this is over, we need a plan to build back better and different, not just revert back to schooling-as-normal.

Building Back Better

Online webinar for educational leaders and their teams


Dr Simon Breakspear has been partnering with schools and systems globally to help them navigate the challenges of COVID-19. In this dynamic webinar session Simon will provide practical guidance on how to lead your team and school through a simple 3-step process of organisational learning and renewal.

Together we will explore how to:

  • Avoid a snap-back to old habits and patterns of practice
  • Identify how the pressure of COVID-19 may have helped your staff to rethink old assumptions about learning, teaching and collaboration
  • Lead a clear process of learning from the new innovations that have emerged in your context and beyond
  • Find ways of sustaining new ways of working into a new and better normal
  • Develop organisational agility to thrive in response to uncertain future challenges

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TEAM LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP (Half Day Delivered Online)
Collaborate directly with Simon in a small private group.  This leadership workshop combines direct input tailored and focused on what specific challenges you’re currently facing, collaborative breakout groups, extended Q & A session and a 15 min one-on-one debrief with the organiser only to clarify your next steps.
Suitable for teams of up to 50 people.

We can work to tailor these digital sessions to meet the needs of your leaders and respond to your specific educational context. We provide practical tools, frameworks and readings that will support leaders to apply their learning in practice and share with their teams.

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