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Embracing an Agile Mindset

21 FEBRUARY 2019

How leaders can learn to harness change and intelligently adapt as they seek to create continuously better student learning.

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Learning Sprints: How to Help Overloaded Educators Continuously Enhance Their Expertise

23 JANUARY 2019

How do we, as educators, continue to get better at our craft, in order to have the biggest impact on our learners?

If we believe that we are to help our learners to make at least one year of growth for every year of schooling, then it would seem logical that as educators we focus on improving our practice every year we teach. This is not intended to be a deficit approach, but rather a continuous improvement lens where we are seeking to improve, not because we’re not good enough, but because we could be even better.

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Enabling Teacher-Driven Innovation

10 DECEMBER 2015

There is a growing global consensus that learning needs to shift. We want to see school systems creating deep, engaging learning that will build students’ capacity to think critically and creatively, to cultivate the innovative minds that will be able to thrive in our digital, global, knowledge economy. Yet, concrete changes in teaching and learning practice in schools have lagged behind the impassioned calls for more student engagement, creativity and innovation generally.

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