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In partnership with Education Scotland


Cost: AUD $400 ea (£230 pounds approx)

Workshop Details:  9AM – 12PM UK.  Held online via live stream/Zoom.

Workshop 1:  29 September
Workshop 2:  2 November
Workshop 3:  7 December

About this program

The Agile Leadership Essentials program is a 12-week, online course about leadership development for educators.

Through live webinars, online modules, downloadable templates, readings and videos, participants build their improvement capability so that they can create sustainable impact in their schools and own unique context.

The program is run by Dr Simon Breakspear.

Who should participate?

This program is open to school teams located in Scotland.  It is designed specifically for Head Teachers and their teams who are currently working within a school environment.

This includes: Principals, DPs, APs, Heads of Department, Learning Specialists and Instructional Leaders.

Whilst individuals can join we encourage teams of 2-3 to engage together.

What will you learn?

    • Embrace and model agile mind-sets during complex educational change work
    • Apply agile leadership frameworks and skills within their own roles
    • Refine their improvement priorities and plans, and clarify their precise intended pathways for impact
    • Develop a clear process for leading an iterative improvement journey that can adjust for the human dynamics of change in schools
    • Adopt and embed the plans, routines and norms of highly effective responsive teams
    • Harness formative evaluation to monitor the progress, successes, failures and roadblocks in the improvement journey as it unfolds
    • Continuously refine and sharpen their strategies and plans for improvement based on their own ‘learning by doing’ within their own context
Need help?

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