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This program has refined what the leadership team is doing so that we can provide a clear structure to staff.  It has changed my way of thinking to be more precise and targeted with my actions, and the proformas have made it simple to implement.

Anna Evans

Head Teacher, Liverpool Hospital School

This program has helped refine the school improvement process – making a large-scale project manageable through the use of targeted dialogue and explicit planning.

Michael Mattei

Senior Leader Reading Improvement, Paralowie R-12

Having a chance to work as a leadership team, apply learning to our own context and spend time talking through areas of improvement within our own site is something we rarely have time to do. The different tools gave us a more succinct way of moving through the process so that we can remain focused and driven and we look forward to sharing it with our staff.

Sarah Button

Senior Leader, Stradbroke School

This program has provided guidance with strategies to approach improvement programs. It has given me greater confidence and clarity in leading these initiatives. Simon was engaging, knowledgeable and inspiring. Thank you!

The program has provided some really effective and efficient tools to support our work as a leadership team. The mixed mode of delivery has been easy to follow and very engaging. The Agile team has been very supportive and helpful in coaching sessions.

This program has workable templates and scaffolds to support initiatives and implementation of school needs with regular check-ins and progress monitoring. Many great ideas and methods to think about thinking and planning, to narrow down your ideas, and to formulate realistic and time-effective plans. Thank you!

The tools have worked well to clarify my thinking and help me to prompt the thinking of others when working together on our improvement focuses.

Engaging, thought-provoking program. Not too much fluff and terrific examples as well as clearly expert references to all the ‘evidence-based’ tools/strategies/whatever, with academic insight into the studies and what can actually be understood and applied practically from them. Thanks!

The program has allowed us to take a step back, look at the big picture and focus on the areas that are the highest priority. Using some of the tools has helped to depersonalize some of our old strategies which has allowed the leadership team to move forward with honesty and the same mindset and goals, without anyone taking things personally.

We are now clear, more focused and targeted on our improvement.

Elizabeth Burton

Director, Salisbury Downs Preschool

The whole premise of doing less in a focused, productive and deep way really resonated with me. Love the clarity of it all!

Michelle Maher

Deputy Principal, Callaghan College Waratah Campus

It gave a great insight in how to be realistic in your approaches, how less is more and how to make a real change to the lives of children and our own practises.

Jessica Anderson

Teacher, Dorothy Hughes Kindergarten

I found this program interesting, achievable and powerful.

I have been involved in numerous Leadership programs over the years. This one has been particularly excellent. It doesn’t matter how many courses you do over the years, this course has fresh and up to date ideas which has been refreshing. The format is terrific.

This program has provided me with new ways of thinking and working. It has also provided me with the evidence to confidently push back on demands from sources outside of my school.

The program has provided a platform for our school leadership team to grow a common understanding of working together with tools to design and implement our improvement work.

So many practical and actionable ideas to try out in our team. Giving options for making planning transparent and ‘doable’ was great

The thinking tools and framework has consolidated our thinking and made us more efficient in our processes.

Our school has greater clarity in our vision for the school, leadership are all on the same page and have been able to break down our focuses into smaller bits to ensure success.

Thank you so much Simon and Ryan for giving us such practical tools and thinking. It takes so much of the judgement/hurt/ taking things personal out of really drilling down to problems, impacts etc. Loved how practical, but still ‘deep’ these tools/thinking is. Thank you.

As a principal with a young staff it has been a useful platform to deepen thinking about the need for consistency in practice to strengthen teacher skills and capacity to engage students in meaningful and successful learning in the classroom.

This program has provided our team with a simpler view of moving forward in our school planning.

Deanie Nicholls

Principal, Nana Glen Public School

The learning gained from this program will support me to work with a team of leaders and teachers in a direct and effective manner.

Shelly Brown

Senior Leader, Paralowie R-12

It was wonderful to be involved in a process that intentionally and simplistically connects leadership experiences and behaviours with solution focused strategies and tools. Simon and Ryan are very personable and makes the experience practical for all involved. The in-between (tutorial) sessions allow you to go further and monitor your own learning.

Being engaged in this program has equipped me with a number of easy to use frameworks and tools to strategically plan and monitor improvement. It has positively shaped my leadership thinking and practice by enabling me to simplify and focus the work of improvement into work that is achievable by all staff and does not add extra workload.

We’re now moving in a clear direction as a School Improvement team. The program really built our understanding of how to effectively and clearly build effective practices.

This course has given our team a clear structure to move forward in our school improvement work. It has helped us target and track our work and is definitely a process we will continue to use moving forward!

As a new leader I feel it has had the greatest impact on my confidence in my own ability.

I’m confident that using the tools provided in the course will help me to make progress by addressing what matters the most and working out manageable ways to improve practice without trying to race.

A program that encourages collaboration, context-sensitive thinking, and proactivity. I love the ‘no judgement, be interested’ focus.

It was fantastic! Learnt so much and can’t wait to trial what I have learnt in my own practises from leadership to classroom practises.

A way to work through thinking, planning and implementation in a structured way – gives leadership teams common language in which to base all actions and a common approach to be implemented across the school – ‘this is how we work’ – really looking forward to the journey!

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