Agile School Leadership

A better ‘how’ not another ‘what’ for leading school improvement.  

Agile School Leadership provides a fresh perspective on creating educational improvement and enables leaders to adopt evidence-informed ideas that can have a real impact in their schools.

The expectations on school leadership teams to effectively lead improvement, innovation and change have never been greater. Challenging times call for responsive school leaders who can create improvement despite complexity, ambiguity and resistance. Agile School Leadership offers an actionable framework for realising positive impact in local schools.

4-Day Collective Impact Program

The Agile School Leadership Collective Impact program is specifically designed to enable school leadership teams to effectively design and implement evidence-informed strategies for improvement by adopting agile ways of working together. All school leadership teams have improvement plans with associated goals, strategies and expected milestones. The key challenge is to sharpen their improvement thinking and then effectively implement in their unique local context.

This program provides a systematic process to animate and accelerate the school improvement work that leadership teams are already engaged in. By providing frameworks, skills and easy-to-use tools, teams are enabled to move through iterative cycles of action, feedback and refinement towards their intended impact for students, teachers and community.

Leadership teams will learn how to:

  • Embrace and model agile mind-sets during complex educational change work
  • Apply agile leadership frameworks and skills within their own roles
  • Refine their improvement priorities and plans, and clarify their precise intended pathways for impact
  • Develop a clear process for leading an iterative improvement journey that can adjust for the human dynamics of change in schools
  • Adopt and embed the plans, routines and norms of highly effective responsive teams
  • Harness formative evaluation to monitor the progress, successes, failures and roadblocks in the improvement journey as it unfolds
  • Continuously refine and sharpen their strategies and plans for improvement based on their own ‘learning by doing’ within their own context
  • Rethink resistance and support the adoption of evidence-informed approaches and practices

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