Advisory We work side-by-side with you to craft strategic clarity,
build effective teams and engage in responsive implementation.
We support your team to create and sustain impact.

All educational leaders want to make change happen, and impact the learning lives of students.  

Yet, despite our best intentions, releasing positive and sustainable improvement and innovation in schools and education systems is rare. That is because achieving impact is not about our intentions, it is a matter of having the right evidence-informed and contextually-nuanced strategy, and then implementing in a responsive and human-centred way.

Over the last decade, Simon and his team have supported dozens of school and system transformation efforts. Drawing on their vast international experience, a rigorous research base and set of practical tools they help teams turn good ideas into real results. At all stages of the work we focus on building the capability of your team to lead the work self-sufficiently and sustain the impact over time.

School & System Improvement Strategy Workshops

Clear, evidence-informed and contextually-appropriate strategy is the foundation for effective school and system improvement. We help you to sharpen and refine your strategy through:

  • Asking the right questions to guide and refine thinking
  • Reframing the real problems that need to be solved
  • Generating new evidence-informed approaches to emerging challenges
  • Making available research and international best practices to inspire fresh thinking
  • Ensuring alignment and crafting clarity
  • Developing processes for school improvement and review
  • Preparing for strategy execution

Leadership roles & capability development

An organisation or system will not outperform the effectiveness of its leaders. We help you develop high performing school and system leaders who focus on the highest-impact practice through:

  • Bringing a rigorous approach to organisational design to enable sustained high performance
  • Recasting roles, responsibilities, decision-rights and connections
  • Identifying the highest impact practices at different levels of leadership
  • Developing high-trust and responsive teams
  • Redesigning leadership learning approaches
  • Identifying the priorities for context-specific leadership development
  • Rethinking accountability tools and frameworks
  • Ensuring timely feedback about impact from the front-line
  • Developing, motivating and retaining top performers

Effective System Implementation

Good strategy without effective implementation is useless. We help senior teams effectively implement within the complex-human systems in which they work. We keep a disciplined eye on the intended impact and work to collect rapid evidence to guide each stage of the work. Our team enables a responsive and agile approach through:

  • Clarifying short, medium and long-term success criteria
  • We diagnose barriers to successful implementation and design human-centred solutions
  • Identifying the critical human behaviour change elements that will be crucial for success
  • Setting up your team to work through more rapid cycles of action, feedback and learning
  • Gathering and responding to feedback to support adaptation across diverse contexts
  • Supporting the development of ownership and commitment for the change
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