Simon is a dynamic, evidence-informed and deeply practical speaker. He has spoken to audiences across the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, India, Sweden, Finland and Israel. His engaging presentations combine his unique insights into global trends in education, the science of learning and change leadership. Simon works with governments, senior leaders, technologists and front-line practitioners across all levels of education.

Simon’s sessions are always highly tailored to the unique needs of the client and the specific aims of the event. Find out more about Simon’s three primary topics below or make an online enquiry. Beyond speaking Simon is often asked to facilitate high-level events, curate insightful panel dialogues and guide the overall learning design of conferences.

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AGILE LEADERSHIP | How to create impact despite complexity and resistance

Changing times call for great leaders who can create progress in learning despite complexity, ambiguity and resistance. Around the world, schools are under pressure to deliver on new and broader outcomes; utilise evidence-based practices; and create innovative new learning designs. Agile leadership provides a dynamic approach to leading change that will enable leaders to adapt quickly, continuously learn and iterate towards an effective solution.

In this compelling and deeply practical presentation, Simon explores:

  • How to adopt an agile mindset to leading change
  • Clarifying a small number of high-impact improvement approaches
  • Implementing small to learn fast through rapid prototyping
  • Scaling up changes by curating social learning
  • Harnessing evidence to guide all phases of continuous improvement

This topic is best as a keynote, half-day or full-day session.

LEADING DEEP CHANGE | How to move from ‘improvement theatre’ to sustained changes in classroom practice.

Are you frustrated by the pace of real change in your school? Do you want to accelerate the shift towards high quality practices in every classroom and effective collaboration in every team?
We have all been there. A leadership team creates a comprehensive improvement plan, there is a whirlwind of new activity and initiatives, and yet all too often, a few years later the daily professional practices still look the same. Leaders face ongoing passive and active resistance to change, which often derail our improvement efforts. Anchored in organisational change and behavioural science research, Leading Deep Change provides a clear framework to enable any leader to break through the inertia and accelerate their current improvement work. Leaders will learn practical strategies and repeatable processes that they can apply in their unique educational context.

Simon will lead your audience in an inspiring and practical unpacking of:

  • Examine the underlying causes of resistance which slow down and derail change
  • Understand why the pace of change in schools is limited by the rate of adult learning
  • Understand the science of adult behaviour change
  • Explore and build confidence in using behaviour design to increase the success of your improvement initiatives
  • Learn how to accelerate progress even when the motivation of your staff is low.

This topic is best as a keynote, half-day or full-day session.

INNOVATION FOR BETTER LEARNING | How educator teams can create radically better learning

How can educator teams harness innovation processes to create better learning outcomes?

Educators are being asked to raise the bar of supporting students to achieve higher-order knowledge and skills, while at the same time meet the needs of more diverse learners than ever before. Harnessing research lessons about innovation, drawn from both inside and outside of education, Simon will show leaders and their teams how to solve difficult local learning challenges by designing contextually relevant solutions.

This provocative and practical session explores:

  • Why educational innovation has too often become a distraction from the core work of teaching and learning
  • How to focus on meaningful innovation that will positively impact student learning growth
  • The dynamics and norms of working in fast-moving, high-impact teams
  • The discipline of harnessing evidence to inform and steer all stages of innovation work
  • Practical strategies for radically improving learning in your context one outcome at a time

This topic is best as a keynote session.

LEARNING BY DESIGN | Harnessing the human drivers of powerful learning

How might we win the battle for student engagement and commitment in learning? How might we create flourishing learning communities?

The need to ensure all students are deeply engaged and making progress in learning has never been greater. Yet, too often educators face the challenge of disengagement and distraction from those students struggling to make progress or the frustration of mere surface compliance from high potential learners. Drawing on research into the science of learning and case studies of leading practices from around the world, Simon argues that the design of the future of learning must be driven by a key driving question: How can we make learning more human?

This session is designed to cut through the noise surrounding the future of learning and give educators real insight into how they can build on their existing practices to create MORE HUMAN learning futures together.

Simon will lead your audience in an inspiring and practical unpacking of:

  • The emerging challenges and opportunities for learning
  • The human drivers of learning that are the key to unlocking engagement and growth
  • How digital technologies can redesign learning, but explain why most technology-driven attempts to improve learning fail
  • The critical behavioural and attitudinal shifts required of educators and students

This topic is best as a keynote session.

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Working with Simon is the safest way to make sure a high profile, ambitious event for school leaders breaks new ground and leaves people wanting more. Nobody can engage, challenge, provoke, and entertain a room full of school leaders like Simon Breakspear.
- S. Tierney - Director, Education, Teaching & Learning Strategy Asia, Microsoft
Simon is exceptional in his approach and revolutionary in his ideas for education. He is a great asset to any organisation, looking to gain a refreshing and cutting-edge perspective in improving education.
- INTASE - Organiser of World Educational Leadership Summit 2015
Your keynote address was much appreciated and well received. Thank you for helping us support teachers and their students in schools.
- Joe Alvaro. President, Economics and Business Educators NSW
Your presentation was lively and engaging and a great way to start the second day of the conference! Your ideas and breadth of knowledge internationally were very well received and provoked a lot of discussion afterwards.
- Robyn Vidler. President, AUSTAFE Inc.
Charismatic, earnest and connecting well to every kind of audience, Simon has touched the lives of so many educational leaders, teachers and students. A great facilitator, curator and catalyst.
- Avnita Bir. Principal R.N Podar School Mumbai, India. Board Member, Central Board of Secondary Education
Simon's truly excellent presentation reinforced exactly what we wanted and provided challenges to inspire us further
- M.Piddington - Principal, Sydney Distance Education High School
Simon is a brilliant keynote speaker – engaging the audience with humour and charisma while delivering practical, meaningful content.
- Elizabeth Li - Producer of EduTECH and FutureSchools, Association and Communications Events
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